The Heck Yes Method for Wedding Photographers

A coaching program for wedding photographers who want a realistic, repeatable, and enjoyable way to attract and secure couples ready to pay $5K per package. 

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Are you wondering why you’re not booking weddings consistently? 

Or perhaps you’re only booking budget clients when what you really want are the couples who recognize your skills and are ready to spend $5K for their wedding photographs. 

Why aren’t these couples knocking at your door?

This is why...


During my 13 years as a wedding photographer, I began to see what separated the successful wedding photographers from the ones who struggled every day. 

Some trends come and go, but I’ve identified the 5 Biggest Issues that have remained true for over a decade.


I call them...

"The Detrimental Five"

The photographers who come to me are typically struggling with these 5 issues:


Are you able to articulate your value and how your photography business is different from everyone else 


Have you found your tribe?


Can your business thrive without spending hours creating trendy, new content all the time?


Do you have a sales strategy specific to closing couples? (FYI, closing wedding couples requires a very special emotional touch that cannot be taught by any old “sales guru” who has never worked a wedding in their life).


Do you know how to maximize the actual wedding day to expand your business?

My students can confidently answer "HECK TO THE YES!!!!" and that is exactly what I want for you. 

Welcome to The Heck Yes Method for Wedding Photographers

A 12-week 1:1 accelerated coaching program that takes on and crushes "The Detrimental Five".

This coaching program is currently available by application only. Click below to submit your details and request your invite now.



Before we go on, I want to pause here because I need you to know…

Coaching programs aren’t for everyone — and they certainly ain’t cheap.

The cost for this program is a handsome 4 figures because that is the value I bring to the table. 

And just like you, each of my brave students were in a tough place in their career when they needed to decide one of two things:


Path #1: Do I keep going on my own, hoping I’ll figure it out?




Path #2:  Do I seriously invest in myself and in a coach who can light the way?

My students were beyond frustrated. 

They were considering packing it all up and closing this chapter of their lives forever. 

Hearing that was heartbreaking because it doesn’t have to be that way. It took a leap of faith, but my awesome students chose Path #2. And guess what?

✨ ✨ 


Within 6-12 months, they 8X'd their investment and are flourishing


✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ 

“I booked $25,000 immediately after Carissa’s coaching program.”

I couldn’t believe it. Are they really about to pay me this? Is this a joke? I thought about shutting my business down, and I was losing hope. I’m now finally excited about the future. 

Kyra Iverson
Founder, Kind Hearted Images

For those who choose Path #1, that’s okay 

For you, I suggest listening to my 5-Star Podcast: Get a Heck Yes with Carissa Woo. This entirely free resource can be a game-changer for you. Start here until you’re ready to step into Group 2. 

If you’re one of the few courageous, badass pioneers who chose Path #2...

...continue reading ahead.

This program will change the trajectory of your career

It will launch you into a high ticket wedding photographer and will put you on the path to a 6 figure life

A 6 figure life means more than just money in your pocket

It means shooting fewer weddings, having the freedom to choose to work only with couples you love, and removing the nagging stress from your life caused by uncertainty.


“On track to book $17,000 in January alone!!"

And I have 25 inquiries in the queue right now. Carissa, what did you do to me?!

Danielle Trant
Founder, Indy Pop Photography

Here’s everything you’re going to get when you sign up

✨ 1:1 Coaching - 2 intensives, 45 min (beginning and end of program)

✨ 1:1 hot seats  - 15 mins, once a week

✨ Video Vault (5 Pillars + additional resources)

✨ Done-for-you blog template and sales scripts (no other program offers this!!)

✨ Done-for-you brochure templates with your own branding (no other program offers this!!)

✨  Done-for-you  Centerpiece Content template with your own branding (no other program offers this!!)

✨ Done-for-you email welcome sequence that you can edit to customize (no other program offers this!!)

The 5 Pillars that will help you crush "The Detrimental Five"

Click the arrows below for full details

Learn all about...

Branding & Messaging

✅Your killer niche & target market

✅Effective reels & blog posts

Rewriting your Bio

Styled shoot challenge to make a stellar portfolio

IG makeovers

2-part video strategy

How to be the one who decides what are people saying behind your back

Learn to demonstrate your value through storytelling

This foundational pillar ensures your IG stops the scroll and your messaging speaks to your ideal client. Learn how your look, copy, and messaging all go hand in hand to create an envy-inducing brand. By doing so, you’ll attract clients who already know they want to work with you even before a single word is exchanged. You’ll never waste time and energy with clients who nickel and dime you again. You’ll stop focusing on what other photographers are doing and emerge into a wedding photographer unlike any other. 

You'll learn how to...

✅Become a premier vendor and get on the most coveted lists

✅Use our done-for-you gorgeous brochure with your branding to wow venues and vendors

✅Go from "Competition"-to-"Tribe"

Build strong alliances online and offline


What other coaches do:

Most wedding photography programs miss this key strategy altogether by incorrectly focusing on things that don’t move the needle (like selling your soul on Instagram, creating content calendars, pushing out reels, and yada yada yada.)


What I do:

Using the Find Your Tribe Roadmap, all my students are getting on venue lists, but it doesn’t stop there. They’re getting on the preferred lists of other wedding vendors like wedding planners, florists, DJs, and more. They are building powerful relationships and alliances in the industry and making a name for themselves. 

With my roadmap, you’ll be able to get venues and vendors to become ambassadors and billboards who WANT to help you. We’re talking warm leads that are ready to book. You can be at the beach, or you can hang with your kiddos screen-free and still feel like you're conquering your biz because you have built a family of supporters who are going to help you succeed.

Learn about...

Centerpiece Content (that's 95% done for you!)

✅Who you need to nurture and how to nurture them

The Magic Techy Stuff made easy

Automating lead gen

Easy-to-Implement Facebook Strategy

Once you’ve mastered the 6 Figure Brand & Powerhouse Portfolio Checklist and our Find Your Tribe Roadmap, I’ll guide you through the Woo Factor Selling System where I’ll share all the magic techy stuff to automate your biz and free up even more time. Together, we'll create "Centerpiece Content" that you can use to nurture your audience on autopilot. Using this strategy, you can wow your audience while simplifying your marketing -- just set it and forget it. You can finally get off that exhausting hamster content wheel, and stop throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick. I'll also show you how my students use an easy-to-implement Facebook strategy to get constant leads in their queue.

Learn how to...

Price yourself as a High Ticket Wedding Photographer

Lead an under-30 min call (no more 90 min sales calls) 

Break down walls and genuinely connect with couples with Conversational Selling and my non-salesy script 

Use album viewing to get the couple to sell themselves on your work

Close the couple in 24 hours

Use Calendly


What others do:

Many photographers get sales calls all wrong. They are either 1) scared and don't do them or 2) misunderstand the purpose. Others mistakenly go into a call trying to become their client’s best friend only to spend 90 minutes with a couple who was never gonna book. 


What I do: 

This is my zone of genius and by far my favorite topic. By learning my conversational selling method, I will teach you exactly what you need to say to make a genuine connection, get couples to sell themselves on your work, and reduce the call to under 30 minutes. You’ll learn the principles behind raising your prices, get your clients crying happy tears during this call, and we will help you get that heck yes in less than 24 hours. You'll learn to position yourself as an authority and learn to use the sales call to vet your clients -- not the other way around. 


Learn all about...

Powerhouse Posing

Pregame Call: Client communication so you never miss a shot 

My Ultimate Wedding Questionnaire

Client Journey

How to be more than just a photographer to your couple and their guests

How to work the room during cocktail hour resulting in non-stop referrals

How to never run out of things to say, feeling “boring”, missing a shot, or lacking authority with the bridal party.

Effectively leading, coaching and directing your clients and their guests—and as result, never run out of business again


What other coaches do:

A lot of coaches teach basic sales, posing techniques, hand you cookie cutter scripts, and say "good luck". 

What I do: 

I will teach you what a successful wedding day looks like holistically. I will guide you through the entire client journey so you’re ultra prepared for the wedding day and never miss a shot again. I’ll share with you my Ultimate Wedding Questionnaire that has wowed every single client and has gotten me non-stop referrals and 5-star reviews. I’ll even teach you what to do and what to say on the actual wedding day. These special details are what led to other wedding guests booking me on the spot. If that has never happened to you, get ready. It’s exhilarating, fulfilling, and energizes you in ways you can’t imagine. 

In addition to all of the above, you’ll have access to...

✨ Bonus #1: Ebook on Mastering the Sales Call 

Bonus #2: Live Recording of my High End Sales Call 

Bonus #3: Script and Email template for getting on the Vendor List

Bonus #4: Action Taker's Worksheets

“I broke six-figures.”

Without this program, I would still be struggling in my dead-end 9-5. If you’re on the fence, just jump in and do it. 

Lisa Jovicic
Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer, Lisa Marie Photographie

What’s truly exceptional about this program is how it will be tailored to fit your needs

👍 If your brand is stellar, let’s focus on automation and generating leads.

👍 Maybe you’re already a lead generating machine and want to learn my “emotional secrets” on closing couples.

👍Or maybe you want to spend a bulk of our time together overhauling your portfolio to match the 6-figure photographer you’re going to become.

👍 And maybe you’re ready to go all in on building your tribe and biz family.

It’s up to you each week. 


You are the perfect fit to apply if you are a wedding photographer who is…


🔥 Ready to create a high ticket offer
…that is a no-brainer choice for your client

⌛️ DONE “doing it all”

You are efficient and focused. You rather take the time to learn to do things smarter and not “how they have always been done”. 

😫 Feeling like…“I suck at selling!!”

Spoiler alert – you don’t. You just need a proven process you can adapt to your own personality.

💰 Officially done being price-shopped

…and grinding it out in the hot sun 10+ hours a day, making barely enough to cover rent, and taking on rude clients just because you can’t afford to say no.


“Life is hard, but it’s also crazy-beautiful. Fight for your best life. You deserve it.”

-Carmen Rodrigues

I’m Carissa, and I turned my love for love stories into a successful career💕

As an award-winning wedding photographer turned business coach, I help serious photographers go from “feeling stuck” to “six-figure industry leader”. 

My students have:

🎉Come out of the pandemic fully booked in 6 months

🎉Competition-proofed their brand

🎉Confidently secured premium pricing without fear of losing the contract

🎉Saved time, energy, and money utilizing specific tools, strategies, and goals through my program 

I am living proof that building a flourishing photography business you love is possible and possible fast.

I’m not gonna lie -- a six-figure business is great. But as cliché as it sounds, it also takes hard work, commitment, and focus. And damn right, it’s something worth fighting for.

So when the going gets tough, this is what I want you to remember:

The money you’ll be making will be secondary to how empowered you’ll feel. Drawing upon my 10+ years in this industry, I will equip you with the know-how to build a business you love, gain unshakable confidence in your skills, enjoy the freedom to explore your creativity, support your family, and live your purpose. That was my story, and if you’ve got the guts, it can be yours too 💪💪💪


“Booked out for the rest of 2022.”

Before working with Carissa, I had a hard time with pricing. Her live sales call was just pure GOLD. She gave me the confidence to work with high-end clients and seal deals. I confidently raised my rates by 50%, and I'm booked out for the year.

Joyce Choi
Founder, Joyce Choi Photography

“Booked $9,000 in 3 weeks.”

Within a few weeks of joining Carissa's coaching program, I‘ve been getting great leads, already booked 3 weddings, and raised my prices by $1000 🤯

Bela Freire
Founder, Bela Freire Photography


**Bela has been a wedding photographer for 1 year before joining Carissa's program**

“Got on 2 preferred vendor lists within 3 weeks!”

Before Carissa’s program, I was shooting weddings for basically free. And I STILL had to haggle, show them my value, and defend my prices. Now I have clients coming to me, and more importantly, other industry professionals are acknowledging my worth and asking me to work with them.

Kimberly Taylor
Founder, Ktay Photography

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